Angry Boy

A personal illustration piece. I think I used it as extra credit for a grade. It was completed before I moved to Monroe, Louisiana for my payed internship. I was frustrated with the move and this was my outlet.

La Tech Graphic Design Student Art Show

This was a multimedia project completed for the student art exhibit at Louisiana Tech. This was completed using Director and ran a simple slideshow with music that displayed selected graphic design student work. The purpose of the project was to display the work of students who had taken their design portfolios to the Dallas Society… Continue reading La Tech Graphic Design Student Art Show

Southern Voices Production Work

This was another project where I worked on the final production. The original book design was by Jennifer Anderson and I was asked to set up the final files for print. There were a couple of special pages using velum and spot colors that required some special production work. Southern Voices was a publication highlighting… Continue reading Southern Voices Production Work

Louisana Tech Art Scholarship Poster

This was an entry into an poster contest for promoting art scholarships to the Louisiana Tech School of Art. The design called for a pretty complicated two color print that was ruled two expensive. I didn’t win the competition, but pushing the limits of two color print work was very interesting.

Yo-Yo Boy

Part demented self-portrait and experiment in airbrush illustration while a student at Louisiana Tech. The final execution was rushed and pretty terrible. The great thing was that the concepts used in airbrush illustration have stuck with me, so I’m glad I tried.