Create a new Git repo from and old repo

How to extend an old repository as a full copy in a new repository. This preserves the history of the old repository. Future changes will not affect the old repository, but will be committed to the new repository. This originally came from the info found at: [code] // This makes the new repo as… Continue reading Create a new Git repo from and old repo

Git local repositories

These are some quick examples and notes related to using git with local repositories. Using local repositories can be helpful maintaining file changes without committing to larger repository systems like Github. Instead of syncing with a remote repository, synchronization and changes are committed to the local repository and recorded. First we create a new local… Continue reading Git local repositories

OSX turn off or delay hibernate

Apple’s Mac OSX hibernate can be delayed indefinitely or turned off by issuing this terminal command. [code] sudo pmset -a hibernatemode 0 [/code] To get back to default normal hibernate mode type this terminal command. [code] sudo pmset -a hibernatemode 3 [/code] So the word is this won’t disable hibernate on battery failures. Haven’t tested,… Continue reading OSX turn off or delay hibernate

Git subproject notes

I want  to use a project as a tool-set for a big ole work project. The sub-project isn’t mine, I don’t have access to the code, I will probably need to update it as a component of my big project. Some good reading here: Some of my first tip-toe basic understanding. [code] # Straight… Continue reading Git subproject notes

Let's do SVG sprites and fun

So this currently only works in Firefox for me. Unleash the power of SVG sprites Alright! So a big part of the issue is that you might want to think about SVG differently. SVG is a markup document format with different features than your standard pixel based image format. Better SVG Sprites With Fragment Identifiers

Yank Widget 1.2.1

So I didn’t make a post for the updated Yank Widget release. That wasn’t nice or very smart. Yank Widget 1.2.1 is only a bug fix release for WordPress 2.7.x to remove errors on post and page edit screens. Please report any issues you have here or use the contact us form. My apologies to… Continue reading Yank Widget 1.2.1