This Is Not Here


It’s really not here. You can read on for more,

but you are truly in it for nothing.

This is important number 1 thing

You may think that there will be more, but there will really be nothing.I assure you that there won’t be anything, something, or that thing.

This is important number 2 thing

It will be nothing.


This is important number 3 thing

Need to test a change…

If you haven’t guessed by now. This was my first post, and is really used for testing. As a designer I keep this around to see how different things will look on the Funroe Web Site. I do put some some mistakes and speieling errors here as well, so don’t be surprised.

This is important number 4 thing

This down the ladder of bein important.

Because I am a heading of “4”. That means:

  • I’m forth, or I “should” be fourth.
    • Somebody thought that what I have to say is “slightly” important and fourth in some hierarchy of thought.
      • (important to the author that is)
      • What if we put some paragraphs here.Like this.
      • Then just continue on…
        • and on…
          • and on..

Why am I here ?

  1. Because I am a part of that “more important” 1st thought called “Why am I here”?
  2. Because some design weeny thought I looked cool a little bigger and bolder?
    1. Yup they do that!
      • sometimes
    2. Yes way too much!
  3. Because I could.

So we talked and talked about nothing and everything. More yapin’ for the synapses. Then she said:

quote: “nothing. nothing. nothing.”

Let’s write some code shall we?

XHTML is Now!

HTML 5.0 is your future!

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