Nicholls State University Websites: 2002 to 2009

Websites for a higher education institutions are complex and always changing. I have worked for Nicholls State University for over six years and I’ve made several revisions. The site at this point uses a combination of static HTML, WordPress, and other web applications. I’m just going to put all the screen images I can for the Nicholls State University Website up to this point. There are a couple images of the site before I started working if you are interested in what I started with.

Blackhorse Association Website

The Blackhorse Association is a non-profit organization made up of previous members of the 11th Calvary Regiment of the U.S. Army. The organization focuses on the scholarship, support, and commemoration of the duty it’s members and family have made as part of the 11th Calvary. This website is focused on communication with the members . related organizations, and the public. The Blackhorse Association uses this website to collect donations for operating expenses and scholarships that are offered to the families of fallen members of the 11th Calvary Regiment.

This website will never be finished for me, and it is annual contract with the Blackhorse Association. I hope to have a better revision soon because I feel the illustration and design were completed too quickly. The website uses WordPress for content management with a custom theme using the Funbox theme framework. The Blackhorse Association website uses a WordPress e-Commerce plugin to process and track donations to the scholarship and operating funds.

Thoughts on Typekit with Typekit


For so long I’ve had to gaze on Arial and Helvetica competing for my love. I’ve watched as Times New Roman and ugly older sibling Times read old crumbling newspapers. In a corner I’ve spied Courier New and lazy cousin Courier trying to play Atari cartridges in a broken NES and program in Basic.

Not Today!

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Check Out iAmerica, Literarily

iAmerica in the Library
iAmerica in the Library

Okay, that’s punny! Connie Ryan sends Tommy Johnson a photo of the old iAmerica Internet Guide found in a public library.  Wieird to find a one shot-quicky, finished in a week piece of cover art sitting on the shelf available for check out. Ha! I should start asking for a raise, cuz I have publication proof.

Of course, still lives. Currently it’s sitting out there using WPMU and BuddyPress. No open registration yet, but it’s mostly operational. I want to open up to my fellow iAmericans once it’s working and has a nice look to it.

America Is F*cked…….(Graphically at least) on Vimeo

It’s a beauty to see this. I see it so often and just become so shocked about crap creative work. Aaron Draphlin speaks his mind (profanely).

America Is F*cked…….(Graphically at least) on Vimeo.

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