Check Out iAmerica, Literarily

Okay, that’s punny! Connie Ryan sends Tommy Johnson a photo of the old iAmerica Internet Guide found in a public library.  Wieird to find a one shot-quicky, finished in a week piece of cover art sitting on the shelf available for check out. Ha! I should start asking for a raise, cuz I have publication… Continue reading Check Out iAmerica, Literarily

Rescue iAmerica

A few of us former employees of iAmerica are attempting to bid for the domain name. Since most of us have little disposable income to throw at a domain auction, we are hoping that some other folks will come forward to help us aquire the domain.

Everywhere Typography

This was a typography student project. I occasionally examine the original file for this simply because the mathematics of the composition were really good. Download: Everywhere Typography (AI)