Check Out iAmerica, Literarily

iAmerica in the Library
iAmerica in the Library

Okay, that’s punny! Connie Ryan sends Tommy Johnson a photo of the old iAmerica Internet Guide found in a public library.  Wieird to find a one shot-quicky, finished in a week piece of cover art sitting on the shelf available for check out. Ha! I should start asking for a raise, cuz I have publication proof.

Of course, still lives. Currently it’s sitting out there using WPMU and BuddyPress. No open registration yet, but it’s mostly operational. I want to open up to my fellow iAmericans once it’s working and has a nice look to it.

Against Nature at Albert Pike in Arkansas

My friends finally got me to show up for the annual get together. This year we all spent a great weekend at the Albert Pike Recreation Area in the Ouchita National Forest located in south west Arkansas just north of Texarkana. Click the album image to the right for full set of photos, and I’m putting some instructions at the end of this so my peeps can select and download an archive of pictures.

Camping is an enjoyable way to relax and make a contribution to nature, like:

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