Happiness, welcome heavy ghosts, and Neutral Milk Hotel

Caidy took this picture and I love the blurry darkness since it matches my feeling  of joy and melancholy watching them play.

I felt good heavy weight of love for people I know would be there in spirit if such things were possible. Happiness and thanks for such wonderful artists. It was nice to see them again.

Jess & Caidy's at Neutral Milk Hotel

The Last Loose Caboose T-Shirt That Never Was

Old Loose Caboose T-Shirt Design Cleaned Up
Old Loose Caboose T-Shirt Design Cleaned Up

So it’s been over 10 years since the Loose Caboose Coffee House shutdown and stopped making all that racket in West Monroe & Monroe, Louisiana. I thought it would be fitting to post the artwork for the t-shirt that I was working on that final year. Before the Loose Caboose was morphed and resold to become the University Pub, then  Atomic Coffee & Tea, then finally Cottonport Coffee. I hear the espresso machine is somewhere in Ouachita Parish.

My wife thinks it’s a pseudo-self-portrait. It might be a little. Inspiration for it actually came from a Billy Goat performance at the Caboose. If you drank coffee, went to show, or loitered at the Loose Caboose in the 90’s you might understand.

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