The Last Loose Caboose T-Shirt That Never Was

So it’s been over 10 years since the Loose Caboose Coffee House shutdown and stopped making all that racket in West Monroe & Monroe, Louisiana. I thought it would be fitting to post the artwork for the t-shirt that I was working on that final year. Before the Loose Caboose was morphed and resold to… Continue reading The Last Loose Caboose T-Shirt That Never Was

In California

990 We got back from San Diego a couple of weeks ago, and of course the vacation wore off quick. It was a blast with a wonderful stay at Caidy’s parents’ house. We visited Universal Studios Hollywood, Julian, La Jolla, and some fun sight seeing around San Diego.

The New House

63 So I put photos of the house on-line but I never really mentioned it. You can click the photo to see the gallery of photos that we took during and after our move in November. There is more of a story here, but we’ll save that for later…