Saints Superbowl XLIV Victory Parade in New Orleans

A very busy week kept me from getting this uploaded sooner! We got some decent videos and good photo or two. Enjoy!

Caidy and I took off early Tuesday afternoon and after almost four hours (to go about 60 miles) we made it to the Quarter House in New Orleans to stay the night and see the Saints carry the Lombardi Trophy Mardi Gras style through the streets of New Orleans.

We stood with a friendly crowd at the intersection of Canal and Camp.┬áIt was cold, so we stayed warm with a not so nutritional combination of alcohol and funnel cakes. The parade was slow moving with a pretty long route, but it was fun. Continue reading “Saints Superbowl XLIV Victory Parade in New Orleans”

Line at Academy Sports in Houma, Lousiana after Saints win Superbowl XLIV

We Tivo’ed the game and the ringing church bells and volume of noise in Houma gave away the surprise. We couldn’t help it, and just had to drive out to see the reaction. This is Academy Sports around 10:30pm Feb. 7th, 2010 in Houma, Louisiana.

I just keep thinking that my parents were there in Miami, screaming.

A Walk Down Our Block – Mardi Saints Superbowl & Mardi Gras Parades!

I’ve wanted to do this since we moved into this house in Houma. It’s a quick walk down the block on Saints Superbowl Sunday to see the Krewe of Hyacinthians and Krewe of Titans parade through Houma. We live about two blocks from the main parade route.

Although the krewes always have a theme when they roll, judging from the noise of New Orleans Saints themed music and endless “Who Dat” chants into the night, the Superbowl is the theme for this weekend.