Where the %#@&! is WP Super Edit 2.0?

Good news is that I MUST start work again on WP Super Edit for WordPress 2.5. I have clients and users dependent on it like junkies, and I really want to move on to WordPress 2.5.

Bad news is that life has been beating the crap out of us lately:

  • Car troubles
  • Too much work to do
  • Keeping the aging PowerBook G4 hacked together so I can work. The damn power cable connection on the power module has been re-soldered three times. If you had one of these beasts before the fancy magno-power-cable-connector for the intel Macbooks then you probably have felt my pain.
  • New carpet for our bedroom. NOTE: a missing room in a small house brings things closer together — or just plain crowded.
  • And the terrible loss of a family member. My wife’s cat, Shai, who passed away because of cancer after 3 months of vets and internal medicine specialists charging us big bucks trying to figure out his problem. Shai was Caidy’s best friend who was the most stable member of this zoo.

I won’t mention the price of gas or the recession. Anyway, I’ll stop my whining! I know very well there are folks dealing with worse. Besides there were some good things; I went to an An Event Apart down the road in New Orleans, and this weekend I plan to be drunk in the woods of north-central Arkansas.

Development for WP Super Edit is done in the WP Super Edit trunk of the WordPress Extend subversion repository. It is not functional right now, but much of the database work, TinyMCE discovery functions, and other under the hood stuff is being worked on.

Most of the original features will be retained, but the complicated part is moving settings to the WordPress database. I want to focus on user and/or role configurations for the editor. The original version used flat files for configuration and I knew then it was a bad idea. WP Super Edit will also be using jQuery UI, and I want to use more of the javascript built in to WordPress as possible.

I should also note that WP Super Edit may not be able to upgrade from previous versions, but I think I will try to at least remove the old settings so I won’t be guilty of leaving old junk in the WordPress database.

Please remember, WP Super Edit is a complicated mess of PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS, and Javascript code. I don’t pretend to be an expert, and I do accept patches and suggestions. You can post comments here, use the contact form, or check factory.swampthings.org for the occasional and rare updates. OH, and I better mention the contribute! page since I’ll probably have to replace that damn PowerBook sooner than I want.