WordPress 2.6 Development Notes

Okay, time to start some collections of notes for WordPress 2.6.

First, covering the new self discovery of WordPress Plugin directories and wp-config locations:

What Plugin Coders Must Know About WordPress 2.6 « planetOzh

I haven’t found information on development with post revisions. I had one issue with the new revision system creating multiple entries for a plugin I have been working on, and I found it easy to disable. I use this snippet to bail out of the current action on the post if it is marked as a revision.

if ( function_exists( 'wp_is_post_revision' ) ) {
    if ( wp_is_post_revision( $post_ID ) != false )
        return $post_ID;

The revision system looks cool so far, and it would be more appropriate to have my plugin hook into those revisions. I’ll have to save that for later.