WP Super Edit 1.5

This will probably be the last version of WP Super Edit for WordPress 2.1 to 2.3 since the upcoming WordPress 2.5 will dramatically change the editor. I’ll be starting to work on WP Super Edit 2.0 soon for WordPress 2.5 ( I’ll be using the WordPress Plugin Directory SVN from now on, so I need to get the Google Code project taken down.)

Here’s a quick list of the changes for WP Super Edit that were based on e-mail bug reports, some notes, and things that bothered me. I won’t bore you with too many details…

Things Completed!

  1. changing …bloginfo(‘url’) to …bloginfo(‘WPurl’)
  2. fix initialization errors
  3. Simplify compatibility checks
  4. Add WordPress “Next Page” tag button. – Denis Hoffmann
  5. Fix “whered my button go bug” – reproduce. Activate editor plugin, move plugin button to row. Save. uncheck plugin. save. Now the next button on the row that had the removed plugin button will disappear until you refresh the whole damn interface.
  6. Add FULLSCREEN button
  7. Add HR button – Jake
  8. WP Super Edit will now retain settings between plugin activation and deactivation.
  9. Added an “uninstall” option that will delete the settings and deactivate the plugin.

Upgrade Notes

There shouldn’t be any major issues with replacing the superedit plugin folder on your site with this update. If things do start getting weird, use the “Uninstall” button, and reactivate the plugin. That should set everything back to the default state.

As always, your comments are welcome!