WP Super Edit 2.2

WP Super Edit 2.2 is now available for WordPress 2.8. I don’t know how I got this working so quickly. I’m always too busy!

WP Super Edit 2.2 has only been tested with WordPress 2.8. There are no new features at this time. I focused on some bug fixes and optimizations. I’ve done a quick cleanup and hopefully I’ve fixed some issues that made things more troublesome for some folks. Thanks vituko!

Since this plugin is dependant on WordPress and the TinyMCE editor, it makes it virtually impossible to maintain backwards compatiblity. I did backport one of the suggested fixes to WP Super Edit 2.1, so if you are still using WordPress 2.7 you might try downloading that version from the Older Versions area at WordPress.org.

I’ve been doing theme work lately, so the contact form for this site is broken. Please leave your comments here for issues or suggestions!