Git subproject notes

I want  to use a project as a tool-set for a big ole work project. The sub-project isn’t mine, I don’t have access to the code, I will probably need to update it as a component of my big project.

Some good reading here:

Some of my first tip-toe basic understanding.

# Straight subtree pulls the dependency into local directory
git subtree add –prefix CMB2 master –squash

Apparently this can get better if you use the [code]git remote[\code] command.

# Setup dependency as a remote
git remote add -f Custom-Metaboxes-and-Fields-for-WordPress

# Fetch information about remote
git fetch Custom-Metaboxes-and-Fields-for-WordPress master

# Add remote to subdirectory and pull master branch
git subtree add –prefix=CMB2 –squash CMB2/master

# Update remote down into local directory
git subtree pull –prefix CMB2 CMB2 master –squash

With the remote added we should be able to update the dependency project by doing a subtree pull. Remember the sub-project is not mine but it will need updating.

git subtree pull –prefix Custom-Metaboxes-and-Fields-for-WordPress Custom-Metaboxes-and-Fields-for-WordPress master –squash

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