Using HyperDB to separate and share user and user_meta between WordPress installations

I need to remember to keep this example for some testing. This should be a good start for sharing a user and user_meta between websites. I do know that user_meta tends to have very site-centric settings at times. Original article was located at:

$wpdb->add_database(array( //Connect to Users Database
    'host'     => DB_HOST, // I am using the same host for my two DBs
    'user'     => DB_USER, // I am using the same username for my two DBs
    'password' => DB_PASSWORD, // I am using the same p/w for my two DBs
    'name'     => 'my_user_db_name', 
    'write'    => 0, // Change to 1 if you want your slave site's the power to update user data.
    'read'     => 1,
    'dataset'  => 'user',
    'timeout'  => 0.2,

$wpdb->add_database(array( // Main Database
    'host'     => DB_HOST,
    'user'     => DB_USER,
    'password' => DB_PASSWORD,
    'name'     => DB_NAME,

function user_callback($query, $wpdb) {
    if ( $wpdb->base_prefix . 'users' == $wpdb->table || $wpdb->base_prefix . 'user_meta' == $wpdb->table) {
        return 'user'; 

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