Thibodaux Chamber of Commerce Website

The Thibodaux Chamber of Commerce has gone through one revision since I started on the project in 2008.

This version of the website is similar to the original work, but the design was modified to allow the Thibodaux Chamber staff to make more modifications to the site. It is always interesting to see how clients modify websites to meet their current needs. Allowing these modifications can cause some disruptive design changes to the original ideas, but it gives clients the ability to use the site how they need to communicate. Besides, at a later date I can always use their ideas to make the design more effective while blending in the clients needs.

The Thibodaux Chamber of Commerce uses WordPress for content management with a custom theme using the Funbox theme framework. There a couple of WordPress plugins used for event & calendar management. This website also has a custom WordPress plugin for creating a membership directory from a flat file that is exported from the clients contact management application.

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