Small Jobs: 2013 – 2014

I’m starting to document the small jobs that I do. I am often requested to fix problems dealing with functionality and design for larger projects. Here are a few of the projects for 2013 and 2014.

  • Fundat – fix their custom Woocommerce additions that allows the site to act as a crowd-funding system similar to kickstarter.
  • Tales of the Cocktail – fix autosuggestion

American Organizer – Brazil

This is another unconventional project. I alway follow the desires of my clients and I do try to get my clients to use solutions that will benefit them the most. In this case the client has a Brazilian based e-commerce website that needs multi-language and Brazilian based payment processing. They were very entrenched with using osCommerce as a solution and were not ready to explore other more conventional solutions. I am not a huge supporter of this solution, but like most PHP based solutions, it was not impossible to figure out.

Bayou Country Children Museum Website

This site was actually completed in 2008, but it was recently revised with some minor design revisions and upgrades. I’m displaying the most recent screenshots for this project.

The Bayou Country Children Museum is an interactive museum featuring displays and information related to the bayou region of south Louisiana. Initially the website is being used to communicate the progress and attract donations for the museum construction. The website design was initially completed by Eye Candy Creative, and they requested my skills to build the final site using an accessible content management system.

This website uses WordPress for content management with a few WordPress plugins to add features such as mailing lists communication, contact forms, and event notifications. The Bayou Country Children Museum website uses a custom child theme using my personal Funbox theme framework. The custom theme allows the creation of separate custom views based on simple WordPress custom fields. The entire website uses the jQuery javascript framework to add custom font effects (Sifr), web browser compatibility fixes, and flash animation displays.

Blackhorse Association Website

The Blackhorse Association is a non-profit organization made up of previous members of the 11th Calvary Regiment of the U.S. Army. The organization focuses on the scholarship, support, and commemoration of the duty it’s members and family have made as part of the 11th Calvary. This website is focused on communication with the members . related organizations, and the public. The Blackhorse Association uses this website to collect donations for operating expenses and scholarships that are offered to the families of fallen members of the 11th Calvary Regiment.

This website will never be finished for me, and it is annual contract with the Blackhorse Association. I hope to have a better revision soon because I feel the illustration and design were completed too quickly. The website uses WordPress for content management with a custom theme using the Funbox theme framework. The Blackhorse Association website uses a WordPress e-Commerce plugin to process and track donations to the scholarship and operating funds.

Thibodaux Chamber of Commerce Website

The Thibodaux Chamber of Commerce has gone through one revision since I started on the project in 2008.

This version of the website is similar to the original work, but the design was modified to allow the Thibodaux Chamber staff to make more modifications to the site. It is always interesting to see how clients modify websites to meet their current needs. Allowing these modifications can cause some disruptive design changes to the original ideas, but it gives clients the ability to use the site how they need to communicate. Besides, at a later date I can always use their ideas to make the design more effective while blending in the clients needs.

The Thibodaux Chamber of Commerce uses WordPress for content management with a custom theme using the Funbox theme framework. There a couple of WordPress plugins used for event & calendar management. This website also has a custom WordPress plugin for creating a membership directory from a flat file that is exported from the clients contact management application.

South Lousiana Center for the Arts Website

The SOLA Center for the Arts website was completed as a sub-contract project for Eye Candy Creative. The South Louisiana Center for the Arts is a non-profit community center focused on the visual and performing arts located in Houma, Louisiana.

This website uses WordPress for content management with a custom theme using the Funbox theme framework. The site has a couple additional plugins to help manage event calendar entries. The SOLA Center website uses jQuery and additional javascript for the display of custom fonts (Sifr) and rounded corner effects.

Jeanie’s Monogramming Website

Jeanie’s Monogramming was another project completed for Eye Candy Creative. This website was for a catalog site that would offer an e-commerce solution for ordering customized products. Eye Candy Creative created the initial designs and hired me to create the website and e-commerce system.

This website uses WordPress for content management with the WP e-Commerce WordPress plugin to handle order processing and online payments through PayPal. The website has a custom theme allowing different slight modifications based on simple WordPress custom fields.