Pearson Design Website

Technically this my first professional website. Completed for Pearson Design in 1995 during my paid internship. This site was designed in a text editor using HTML 2.0 before RFC 1942, so no

or other tags that now make things easier.


Celebrations was a Christian Bookstore in Monroe, Louisiana and a long time Pearson Design client. I did several newspaper advertisements, brochures, and filiers, but my best project for them was a 30 and 60 second television advertisement.

It was nice project with live video followed by a nice spinning logo animation completed with FormZ and ElectricImage. Final production with Avid.

As with much of the work I completed for Pearson Design, I do not have copies of the original video or of any of the print projects. The owner of Pearson Design was forced to quickly shut down the design studio due to failing health and my archived work was lost in the office move.