Phergie Logo

This is a logo completed for the Phergie project. Phergie is an IRC bot written in PHP. It is software that can be used to handle automation and other communication tasks within the Internet Relay Chat network. This project was completed pro bono and as an exercise in logo design. This was completed part time so the project spanned a little over a month with a vacation and some minor communication with the client. The logged work time was roughly 10 hours.

The focus for this logo was the technical nature of the Phergie project combined with statements of diversity. Phergie is an autonomous bot that can respond to chat users, so it has a feminine nature, yet this project is also supported by to promote more women in the PHP programming communities. The final logo is an attempt to show the technical and feminine aspects of the Phergie project with respect, professionalism, and some whimsy. The Phergie logo uses a digitally drawn image combined with the Midiet typeface by Yasuhiro Yamaoka.

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