WP Super Edit 1.5

This will probably be the last version of WP Super Edit for WordPress 2.1 to 2.3 since the upcoming WordPress 2.5 will dramatically change the editor. I’ll be starting to work on WP Super Edit 2.0 soon for WordPress 2.5 ( I’ll be using the WordPress Plugin Directory SVN from now on, so I need to get the Google Code project taken down.)

Here’s a quick list of the changes for WP Super Edit that were based on e-mail bug reports, some notes, and things that bothered me. I won’t bore you with too many details…

Things Completed!

  1. changing …bloginfo(‘url’) to …bloginfo(‘WPurl’)
  2. fix initialization errors
  3. Simplify compatibility checks
  4. Add WordPress “Next Page” tag button. – Denis Hoffmann
  5. Fix “whered my button go bug” – reproduce. Activate editor plugin, move plugin button to row. Save. uncheck plugin. save. Now the next button on the row that had the removed plugin button will disappear until you refresh the whole damn interface.
  6. Add FULLSCREEN button
  7. Add HR button – Jake
  8. WP Super Edit will now retain settings between plugin activation and deactivation.
  9. Added an “uninstall” option that will delete the settings and deactivate the plugin.

Upgrade Notes

There shouldn’t be any major issues with replacing the superedit plugin folder on your site with this update. If things do start getting weird, use the “Uninstall” button, and reactivate the plugin. That should set everything back to the default state.

As always, your comments are welcome!

18 responses to “WP Super Edit 1.5”

  1. Hi,

    This looks like a great plugin, but when I installed it on my test server – once on a WP 2.2 site and once on a 2.3 site – I couldn’t get the toolbar in the editor window. Tried empty all user data, cache, etc, still nothing. Tried it in Firefox 2.0 and Opera 9.4 running a Mac (10.5).

    Hope it’s just me… but either way I can’t use it.

    All the best,

  2. Love this plugin.
    I made a couple plugins for it too. NextGen Gallery etc.

    One thing I man missing is: When I deactivate the plugin it flushes the settings.

    So It would be great with at function, that stores all the settings and maybe and uninstall.

    For inspiration see lesters plugins (wp-email etc.)

  3. This was an old post that I recycled for the release of WP Super Edit 1.5.

    Dan and Thomas should both try version 1.5. I have fixed the flush settings issue. Among other nasty things.

  4. Summary: My Internal Server Errors still exist, but they are not due to Super Edit.

    Thanks for notifying me that you had released Super Edit 1.5.

    I installed Super Edit 1.5 last Thursday, but I still get “500 Internal Server Error” on all the buttons I mentioned in wordpress.org/support/topic/143837, as well as the new HR button.

    I have Monsters Editor for WP Super Edit – deactivated.
    I removed Laurel’s FullScreen plugin since it is now included within Super Edit.

    Still, I get the Internal Server Errors.

    I de-activated WP Super Edit, but I still get the Internal Server Errors.
    I should have tried that before – I think I did not. So, my system’s problem and solution are not to be found within WP Super Edit.

    My analysis of my tiny_mce_config.php page is also in support topic 143837.

    Is there some way I can get the 500 page to provide more details than “Internal Server Error”?

    System info:
    PHP version 5.2.4
    MySQL version 4.1.22-standard
    Apache version 1.3.39 (Unix)
    Operating system Linux
    Architecture i686

    Is there someone else I should contact regarding TinyMCE?

    (Reminder of our conversation history:
    You found the source of my 404 errors for a call to bold/editor_plugin.js (due to a different plugin). (http://wordpress.org/support/topic/148036)
    You clarified how I can use editor.css (143837).)

  5. Thanks for suggesting I check the Apache error log – that should have been obvious to me, but was outside my mental box, even though my box is complex.

    “Premature end of script headers” is the recurring error message (on html files like wp-includes/js/tinymce/themes/advanced/charmap.htm). I googled that error message but the solutions, even within moxiecode’s forum, seem to not apply here. (Details below.)

    In wp-plugins/superedit/
    all my folders have ‘755’ permissions,
    but all the files (in all the folders) have ‘644’ permissions. Is that okay?
    I don’t want ‘group’ or ‘global’ able to write to the files. I do want group able to do actions which read the files. Do php files need to be executable?

    Solutions suggested for “premature end of script headers” are:

    – check all tinymce files and folders are ‘755’ – confirmed.

    “make sure that your CGI script has the same user/group ownership as your cgi-bin folder.”
    I don’t think that applies to tinyMCE, or is that little bit of code in the html files cgi?

    Check if you have a /var/log/apache/suexec.log file; if so, and if it’s the problem, it’ll explain the reason why it’s denying your script from executing properly. One easy fix to try is adding a “-w” to the end of the first line of your Perl script, i.e. change the first line from “#!/usr/bin/perl” to “#!/usr/bin/perl -w”

    My site has /var/log/ but no /apache/suexec.log. Using PuTTY, I searched: grep -rl “SUexec” ../../* but got permission denied errors. I’ll ask my host.

    “The first line of a CGI script must contain the path to the Perl binary on the server”
    – not applicable, right?

    ‘Premature end of script headers’ is usually a permissions problem.

    ‘Transfer modes’ ascii or binary – not applicable since wp-includes were installed first by Fantastico and now by WP Automatic Upgrade.

    ‘Line Endings’ microsoft vs other – n/a since I didn’t edit these files.

    I have Firebug and Web Developer Toolbar and IE Developer Toolbar, but I can’t see any relevant information in any of those.

    Thanks Jess,


    In my htaccess file I had:

    AddType application/x-httpd-php .htm .html

    so the tinyMCE html files were being processes as PHP.

    A year ago, as I was trying to integrate my original static html site into my new dynamic php site, I read that I should insert that line into my htaccess file. The reasoning seemed cloudy to me, but I knew nothing then, and the author sounded confident. Anyway, that was the problem.


  7. Jonathon, glad to see you found your problem. I’ve done similar things for various reasons then spent months trying to fix it. I always hate it when it’s one dinky line in an obscure file.

  8. Thank you for the update, didn’t see before now. (saw it through the WP-plugin notice).

    I’ve made an superedit plugin for the NextGen Gallery button, if you are interested.

    I really appreciate your work on this.

  9. I am trying to adapt the RB Internal Links plugin for WP Super Edit.

    What is going on with the two js: editor_plugin.js and editor_plugin_src.js?


  10. editor_plugin.js is the main JS used by TinyMCE for that plugin. The reason for two files is because typically editor_plugin.js is compressed or “minified” making it hard to read. The editor_plugin_src.js should be the readable source code. You would have to digging on the Moxiecode TinyMCE Website to find their javascript compression tools.

    Although compression is nice for end users, I typically copy editor_plugin_src.js to editor_plugin.js for easier testing and development.

  11. I prefer waiting for wp super edit 2.0 since wordpress 2.5 ‘ll be launched very sooner.
    thanks for your work in the adaptation of super edit, a great plugin.

  12. Boy dem’ some huuge gravatars! have to play with that later.

    I know I won’t meet the release of WordPress 2.5 with WP Super Edit 2.0. I will post some sort of progress as I get closer to release.

    Currently it’s a major reworking. I’m moving things to separate database tables and classes. The end idea is have better control and hopefully some user and perhaps even role based settings.

    I’m keeping the original ideas (might make things faster and more flexible.) I don’t think it’s going to be feasible to support older WordPress versions though. Big differences in TinyMCE versions would really bloat this plugin further than it already is.

    It’s not functional, but source is always available from the subversion trunk at svn.wp-plugins.org only for the curious. The notes.txt is my scribble pad.

  13. Hi, it’s off contextual theme!

    What is the name of plugin for donations? Thanks!

  14. i’m trying to set up WP again on a new server and therefore trying to install your plugin.
    However when I go to organize buttons
    1. none of the plugins feature in the “unused buttons” box &
    2. there is a whole lot of javascript under the layout box

    I’m in WP 2.5 – may update to 2.6.1
    server has PHP 5.2
    Mysql 5.0.45 (don’t know if this is important.

    Could there be clashes with other plugins ?

    I’m looking for a solution because I like the damn thing !!

  15. Whenever I try to insert a table, the box reverts back to pre assigned settings and locks up. Tables simply will not insert into a post or page. It happened once before and I wrote letters asking for help. I finally deleted and reinstalled the whole plugin via FileZilla. It did okay for that page but now it’s doing it again. Please, somebody help!

    I really love this plugin.
    I’m using WP 2.8.6, WP Remix 3 theme, on Firefox and Google Chrome, php5

  16. Now I’m using WP 2.9, Wp Remix 3 theme, on Firefox and Google Chrome, php5

    The problem still exists for inserting tables, and now inserting videos and pictures. What is going on? Please help. I really like this plugin.

  17. Based on the lack of response to Rebecca’s pleas for help, and the fact that there hasn’t been an update in a long time, it appears this plugin has been abandoned by the author. That’s regrettable, since it really was a useful plugin, but that’s what can happen with open source projects.

    In case the author is still interested in maintaining this plugin, it does not work correctly in WP 2.9.x. I get “wrong datatype” warnings in the button settings pages and sometimes the toolbar doesn’t display at all when editing pages or posts. I haven’t bothered checking the server logs or JavaScript error console to try and debug.

    • I actually need to close the comments for this post. The post for the current version of WP Super Edit is at WP Super Edit 2.2. It'd be great if you would put any other issue on that post. I'll try to move these comments over there when I can.

      To answer Rebecca's and kchayka's questions. The current version of WP Super Edit is working the 160+ WordPress 2.9.1 sites that I maintain. BUT I am not surprised that it doesn't work for you!

      I am working on an upgrade for WP Super Edit to simplify it and remove some of the more intensive things it does. I also develop sites for WPMU and BuddyPress, so I have to make some major changes to WP Super Edit to support multi-site and WPMU installs.

      I can't give you a deadline yet, my day job keeps me very busy. I would not mind adding any interested developer to the plugin. No one has stepped up to assist me yet.