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  • WP Super Edit 2.5

    Howdy! WP Super Edit 2.5 is not quite the rewrite I’m hoping to accomplish, but it does make things compatible for WordPress 3.9.1. I’ve completed some of the work needed to make some future changes, removed some old cruft needed for the previous versions of TinyMCE, destroyed most of my experimental code, and made the […]

  • WP Super Edit 2.4.3

    This update attempts to fix some issues related to multi-site languages and other problems I’ve experienced on some complex site configurations. I’ve also added some initial support for the Distraction Free Writing fullscreen button. With the WP_Editor becoming a more solid API I may be able to make some more decent upgrades to WP Super […]

  • WP Super Edit 2.4

    WP Super Edit 2.4 is now available from the Extend repository. It was really time to refresh the included TinyMCE plugins and try to tackle some of the problems I created by moving some functions into separate plugins. Here is a quick list of the notable changes. Update included TinyMCE pluigns to TinyMCE version […]

  • WP Super Edit 2.3

    I am ashamed to officially announce the immediate availability of the WP Super Edit 2.3 WordPress plugin! It’s about as ugly as it’s ever been with less mole-hairs! I’ve been so busy that I’ve only been able to take occasional stabs at fixing problems and adding support for WordPress 3.x. As a visitor and user, […]

  • WP Super Edit 2.2

    WP Super Edit 2.2 is now available for WordPress 2.8. I don’t know how I got this working so quickly. I’m always too busy! WP Super Edit 2.2 has only been tested with WordPress 2.8. There are no new features at this time. I focused on some bug fixes and optimizations. I’ve done a quick […]

  • Yank Widget 1.2.1

    So I didn’t make a post for the updated Yank Widget release. That wasn’t nice or very smart. Yank Widget 1.2.1 is only a bug fix release for WordPress 2.7.x to remove errors on post and page edit screens. Please report any issues you have here or use the contact us form. My apologies to […]

  • WP Super Edit 2.1

    This is a minor, yet major update for WP Super Edit. Mostly this version fixes a nasty oversight on my part and updates the plugin for better compatibility with the upcoming release of WordPress 2.7. I also added Font Tools as WP Super Edit plugin instead of adding the Font Face and Font Size drop […]

  • Yank Widget 1.2

    I’ve completed an update to my silly Yank Widget WordPress Plugin. This release includes some minor bug fixes and hopefully some optimizations. Yank Widgets should be more optimized. The plugin checks for pages added to Yank Widget areas on each post or page before trying to query the database for pages added to a Yank […]

  • WP Super Edit 2.0.x

    WP Super Edit 2.0 has finally been released! It should probably also be known as the “Gustav ate my wallet” release. If you don’t know, WP Super Edit is a WordPress plugin designed to manage and add features to the TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor used by WordPress. This is a complete rewrite of WP Super Edit […]

  • Yank Widget 1.0

    I’ve decided to release Yank Widget 1.0 for the Weblog Tools Collection Plugin Competition. I wanted to do more for this plugin, but ran out of time. It works fairly well as a way to add secondary static content to the sidebars for a particular post or page. The user interfaces are not quite what […]