Bugs, Feature Requests, & Change Log

Here is a list of known issues and feature requests for upcoming versions of WP Super Edit. If you have an issue, you can always just Contact Me.

Known Issues

  • TinyMCE Scan Issues – Some users are having a problem with installation during the scan settings process.  The http://(WordPress Install Location)/?scan=wp_super_edit_tinymce_scan should return a blank “Complete” page. The scan process needs to be checked or removed!
  • Nasty Bug – I have some sites that are loosing the scanned TinyMCE settings after moving from one server to another. Need some failure checking, and some settings tests.
  • If your editor does not show your settings even if you empty your browser cache, then you may have some caching or proxy system between you and your website. To fix this you may have to force the reset by loading the TinyMCE script directly from your browser. It is usually located at <your wordpress install>/wp-includes/js/tinymce/tiny_mce_config.php. These versions of WordPress are designed to cache the javascript files in /wp-content/uploads/js_cache/. WordPress 2.7 should not have this issue, and this method will not work with WordPress 2.7.
  • If your editor seems to only show the HTML or CODE after you upgrade to WordPress 2.7, then you may need to toggle the visual editor settings for your user profile. I experienced this myself with some users during a recent upgrade. For some reason I had to toggle the option in the user profile that reads “Disable the visual editor when writing.” This only happened for a couple of users. I had to check the box, save the profile, uncheck the box and re-save the user profile and everything was fine.
  • Google Chrome has not been tested, but it should be similar to Mac OS Safari.
  • Your visual editor might be turned off or need a good toggle. During some WordPress upgrades users may find that they only see the HTML portion of the editor. Those users should make sure the “Disable the visual editor when writing” option is not disabled in their user settings. In some instances after WordPress 2.7 users may need to toggle this option on and off to have their visual editor working properly.
  • Only use the “TinyMCE 2.x Compatibility” plugin if you really really need it. I only added this when I was dealing with some old WordPress plugins that added buttons to the editor but hadn’t been updated in quite a while. It is more important to have developers fix things if they don’t work with the current TinyMCE editor. I hope to remove this add-on soon. This will break the editor in WordPress 3.1 or higher.

To Do

These are suggestions or issues. Depending on the complexity, they may be added to future releases of WP Super Edit. I can’t guarantee it, but these are worth thinking about.

  • Add a manual button arrangement mode so users can type in button names manually. See if it would be useful to add a list of active button names and descriptions so users can reference the names to be typed in.
  • See if we can make a custom css classes plugin that will either only use the editor.css file, or remove the custom WordPress classes from the style drop down list. (See Comment)
  • Add user and role based option to remove HTML tab from editor.
  • Add user and role based options for tinymce allowed tags.
  • Of course it needs some WPMU compatiblity work.

Change Log

WP Super Edit version 2.2

  • WordPress 2.8 compatibility fixes.
  • Big cleanup to move some of the interface class functions to normal php functions.
  • A bug fix from vituko that should work better with some server setups.
  • Removed backwards compatibility checks because several changes to TinyMCE and WordPress make backwards compatibility prohibitive to maintain.
  • It is now using jQuery UI scripts that ship with WordPress. No more stupid big JS downloads for button settings.
  • Updates to most of the packaged TinyMCE plugins for TinyMCE (that’s a bunch of dots)

WP Super Edit version 2.1

  • A bonus backport added as suggested by vituko that should make things work on more serve setups.
  • Add font tag styling options for font face, size, etc as requested in wordpress.org forums.
  • Fix missing bad javascript URL for admin interface.
  • Switch to template_redirect method for settings scanning using a pseudo tinymce init.
  • Do version checks and remove javascript caching options for WordPress 2.7.
  • Clean up CSS for WordPress 2.7

WP Super Edit 2.0.x and Earlier

  • Sorry didn’t keep good notes for these changes. WP Super Edit 2.0 was a major rewrite to make this plugin compatible with WordPress 2.5 to 2.6.

1 thought on “Bugs, Feature Requests, & Change Log

  1. I’m seeing a very strange phenomenon with the latest version of WP Super Edit running under WP 2.7.1 with the latest version of TinyMCE.
    I have an editor.css file in the currently active theme directory, as specified on the Configure Editor Plugins tab.

    If I edit an existing page or post this configuration works exactly as expected, with all relevant styles and classes etc., applied to the content, and with a Format button visible on the toolbar.

    However if I attempt to add a new page or post then TinyMCE opens with its default settings and no Format button visible. Once the new item has been published or saved as draft, and one navigates away from the add new page/post to a different location in admin and then “returns” and edits the item the editor.css has been applied, the format button is available and content can be styled as it should be.

    Configuring TinyMCE to use the current theme’s style sheet makes no difference to this behaviour.

    I’ve tested with Firefox 3.n, IE 6 7 & 8 and Opera [all on Windows but I can do the tests under KUbuntu if required] and cleared down the caches on all browsers, in all cases with no change. I’m not inclined to believe this is a browser issue.

    I don’t believe there’s an issue with caching anywhere else upstream because I can reproduce the issue quite directly on a duplicate installation on my local ubuntu apache development server.

    Have even gone so far as to deactivate TinyMCE and WP Super Edit, delete all files, reinstall and then reactivate them; this too made no difference.

    I’m stumped. Any ideas?



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