WP Super Edit 2.2

WP Super Edit 2.2 is now available for WordPress 2.8. I don’t know how I got this working so quickly. I’m always too busy!

WP Super Edit 2.2 has only been tested with WordPress 2.8. There are no new features at this time. I focused on some bug fixes and optimizations. I’ve done a quick cleanup and hopefully I’ve fixed some issues that made things more troublesome for some folks. Thanks vituko!

Since this plugin is dependant on WordPress and the TinyMCE editor, it makes it virtually impossible to maintain backwards compatiblity. I did backport one of the suggested fixes to WP Super Edit 2.1, so if you are still using WordPress 2.7 you might try downloading that version from the Older Versions area at WordPress.org.

I’ve been doing theme work lately, so the contact form for this site is broken. Please leave your comments here for issues or suggestions!

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  1. No matter what I try, the default html editor of wordpress still shows, though from all apperances super edit is installed properly.

    I installed previously last week wordpress 2.7 and wp suuper edit 2.1. I am hosting on http://www.justhost.com. In the hopes of getting the editor working, I just upgraded to wordpress 2.7 and wp super edit 2.2 but this did not change things, I still see the regular default editor.

    Any help is appreciated.


    • I did not test WP Super Edit 2.2 for WordPress 2.7. There was a major upgrade to TinyMCE, so I suspected there may be issues using WP Super Edit with WordPress 2.7.

      I did update WP Super Edit 2.1 to fix a bug that affects some folks.

      If you have reset your browser cache and still no editor changes then there may be a conflict somewhere.

      If you look at the WP Super Edit button settings, does it still show the button arrangement you are expecting. Also remember that if you are using User or Role based settings, the button settings will be unique for different users and WordPress roles.

  2. I just tried to write my first post since updating to WP 2.8. Changing from the html mode to visual mode changes nothing. It stays in html mode.

    I have been using WP Super Edit for several months with no problem. I also have TinyMCE Advanced installed. It has also been running for several months. This is the first time I have had a problem writing/editing a post.

    I tried deactivating each of these plugins and both at the same time. None of this made any difference.

    Has anyone else reported this problem?

    Thanks in advance.

  3. Hi, I tried to install WP Super Edit 2.2. in WP 2.8, but it hangs while scanning my editor settings. 🙁 My hosts configuration allows PHP 5, so I have no idea what’s the problem.

    • Grrr. Stupid settings scan is acting up again! I really need to reexamine the install process.

      I did encounter one hangup with settings when I accidentally used an “https://” on a WordPress site that was originally configured to use “http://”. Firefox reported that as a cross-site javascript request and a possible security issue, so just sat there.

    • In some cases you may still have to empty the web browser cache to see editor changes. You should also check whether WP Super Edit is set to Role based or individual User based editor settings. User based editor button settings are under “Users” in the WordPress Dashboard while Role based and Single mode WP Super Edit button settings are located under the “Settings” area in WordPress Admin.

      The only thing could be a conflict with another plugin that adds buttons to the editor. There are probably some that don’t properly pass editor changes to other plugins. So note any plugins that add editor buttons along with the WordPress version and Web Browser you are working with.

  4. Another thing to note! The “Kitchen Sink” button is that button on the end of the default WordPress editor that looks like a couple of rows of colored blocks.

    This button is designed to hide and show the second row of buttons in the editor. I have had several users add buttons the second row who were not aware that that row is hidden unless you press the “Kitchen Sink” button.

  5. Is there anyway to get the Show/Hide kitchen sink button to hide 3rd and 4th toolbars? It seems to only hide/show the 2nd. Or is there an alternate button?


  6. The problem I am having is that the changes appear for the admin role but not for the authors role. I am running the version 2.2.1 of the plugin, and wordpress 2.8.2. When I use role based settings the admin role reflects the changes but the author role does not. I have not tried any other roles though since I don’t use them at this time. I thought a compromise would be to use single setting instead of role based but the author users still show the default minimal toolbar while admin users show the modified toolbar.

    Any suggestions?

  7. Another question… is there a trick to getting style names in editor.css to show up in the Styles menu? I can style standard tags, like p, h1, etc. but can’t get custom ones to show up in the menu.


  8. I’m having the same problem with the scan not working. Transferring a site to a new server (with the same hosting company as the previous site, but just a ‘pro’ pack instead of ‘starter’). Anyway, the new system is php ver.5.2.9 and the old was ver.5.2.6 – don’t know if that is anything to do with it though. Also Apache was 2.2.10 on the old and is 2.2.11 on the new…
    So, what can I do to get around the scan not working? I did the http://(WordPress Install Location)/?scan=wp_super_edit_tinymce_scan thing it it came up “complete” like it should… what next?

  9. HI there,

    I try to install WP Super Edit, but wathever I do allways it returns on:

    “Click here to start the WP Super Edit installation by scanning your editor settings.”

    When I click on this it starts scan end finish on OK, but on next click I em again on:
    “Click here to start the WP Super Edit installation by scanning your editor settings.”

  10. Fixed my installation problem by reverting wordpress to 2.8.1 then doing the install of super edit. And then upgrading to WP 2.8.4

    Anway, new problem. Have just changed my site domain name to a new one, and find that super-edit REALLY doesn’t like it 🙂 when I modify the database entry to reflect the new name, things just work! It’s not a big problem for me right now because my previous domain name is still active, so I’m just leaving the entry in the DB for super edit set to the old one…

  11. Is there any chance of a function for producing “definition lists” could be inserted into the Super Editor (next to the numbered list perhaps)? I’ve been searching high and low for an editor for WP that can use DL’s but there doesn’t seem to be any.

  12. Running WP 2.8.4, and WP Super Edit 2.2.1.
    Have cforms II installed, but have set its “WP Editor Button support” to remove the cform editor button and fix the TinyMCE error.

    Have blown away the cache a few times, and waited a while to make sure proxies are expired.

    After all this, still unable to drag and drop buttons in the “Arrange Editor Buttons” config. screen. Every time I try to drag, it just highlights the text on the screen (a-la standard highlighting text for copying). I can successfully toggle separators, and can successfully access the button info, but can’t for the life of me manage to drag and drop anything. If it matters, exact same behaviour in TinyMCE Ultimate for WordPress plugin is observed.

    Aside from Alan above, can’t even find another mention of the behaviour.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? Has anyone even seen this behaviour before. I’m at wits end, and any help would be super appreciated.


  13. Thank you for a great plug-in!
    Won’t save the original editor settings while installing….it always comes out a partial install…please advise!

    I’ve done a fresh removal in reinstall several times. It’s always the same!

    Using WP 2.8.4
    Theme: Arthemia-Premium

  14. Jess Planck says:
    January 6, 2010 at 6:44 pm
    “I actually need to close the comments for this post. The post for the current version of WP Super Edit is at WP Super Edit 2.2.”

    FYI, the plugin page at wordpress.org links to the post for WPSE 1.5, not this post. You should fix that when you get the chance.

    “To answer Rebecca’s and kchayka’s questions. The current version of WP Super Edit is working the 160+ WordPress 2.9.1 sites that I maintain. BUT I am not surprised that it doesn’t work for you!”

    I had to uninstall and re-install the plugin to get it to work in WP 2.9.x. I haven’t tested all functions yet but it seems to be OK now. It doesn’t appear to be a plugin conflict because it was still broken when all other plugins were deactivated.

  15. Hi! I have been trying to find a way to make my text colored for posts. I think your plugin is the right one, I downloaded it but I still cannot get the editing tool bar to appear. I have TERRIBLE at this stuff and never do my posts via code … Can you walk me through what I should do to use the plugin? I have the newest version of WP. Thanks!

  16. Hello, I’m running your newest Super Edit on a WP 2.9.1 site with two Admin users. My admin user can see all the buttons when the plug in is activated, but my other admin cannot … not matter what I do to mess with the settings logged in as this other admin. It will NOT show up, regardless of the browser (Chrome, FF, IE, Safari). I have uninstalled, reinstalled, and everything else suggested by the forum both here and on wp.org.

    Do you have any further suggestions? I’m very frustrated for my other admin who does most of the posting on the site (I’m just the web maintenance).

  17. I installed the latest version from wp extends and it doesn’t work with wp 3.01, I am getting ready to test with 3.0, and not sure if I should expect better results or not…

    Thank you,

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