Yank Widget 1.0

I’ve decided to release Yank Widget 1.0 for the Weblog Tools Collection Plugin Competition. I wanted to do more for this plugin, but ran out of time.

It works fairly well as a way to add secondary static content to the sidebars for a particular post or page. The user interfaces are not quite what I wanted, but that will have to wait for future development.

You are more than welcome to post your feedback and bugs here, or contact me privately if necessary!

6 responses to “Yank Widget 1.0”

  1. Yay! I’m an idiot. PHP4 fixes didn’t get committed properly, so a new download is available. I didn’t bump the version since this was not supposed to happen.

  2. Will your widget make it possible to put another widget in a sidebar? Amazon has 16 widgets but they appear on pages and posts, not sidebars. Also, does your widget accommodate 2 sidebar themes – Cutline 3 Column Right.

  3. Yank Widget should work with any themes that use the standard WordPress Widget functionality, so it should support multiple sidebars.

    Since Yank Widget takes a page and places into a sidebar location, it may process plugins used on that page placed in that Yank Widget. I’ve seen it work with some plugins that put content into a page.

    Of course you still would have to add that page to a Yank Widget for every post or page, and some of that extra processing may slow things down.

  4. On WordPress 2.6, the Yank Widget menu on the Write Post page is blank… no options at all.

    Any clues?

  5. If the Yank Widget options are blank when you edit or write a page, then you probably don’t have a Yank Widget added to your sidebar, or you may not have a theme that supports sidebar widgets.

    Oh and note that Yank Widget 1.2 has been released.