WP Super Edit 1.0

I should have changed the name.

WP Super Edit is a WordPress Plugin designed to make some dramatic changes to the WordPress TinyMCE Visual / WYSIWYG editor.

It has a ton of features including; A drag-drop interface to arrange buttons, additional TinyMCE plugins and buttons, and a framework for doing some advanced button creation.

I completely rewrote this based on my previous experiment with using TinyMCE which was mostly a failure, but I did learn a few things along the way. ( I say failure, but I was able to use my newfound knowledge to help out with the WPG2 and EventCalendar Plugins.)

Sadly, this plugin requires WordPress 2.1 or higher, and you should always be using the most current and secure version of WordPress available!

There is a ton of information on the WP Super Edit Project area!

WP Super Edit Administration Panel

3 responses to “WP Super Edit 1.0”

  1. Just downloaded installed and trialling in WP 2.2.1, seems to be working just fine, so far… much slicker to install than the “advanced tinyMCE” plugin… much easier for novices like me! Thx… and all the best with this. Thx Jesse

  2. Ken,

    The upgraded version will allow you to remove some of the buttons and TinyMCE plugins from the tinymce_plugins folder.

    This can be useful if you want to limit users to certain buttons and plugins. The only limitiation seems that you need to resave the WP Super Edit settings.

    I’ll close this thread. Information for WP Super Edit 1.1 is Here!