WP Super Edit 1.1 – Updated with Interesting Feature / Bug

WP Super Edit Arrange Editor ButtonsWP Super Edit was updated today.

In case you don’t know, WP Super Edit is a WordPress plugin for the visual or WYSIWYG editor used to edit posts and pages. WP Super Edit is designed to enhance the editor by adding features and buttons. It also gives control of the editor by allowing the buttons to be arranged using a simple drag and drop interface.

I’ll briefly outline the changes, and add notes about a very interesting bug feature.

Advanced Toolbar – Interesting Feature or Bug?

I happily added some buttons requested via e-mail and cleaned up the standard configuration files to match the default WordPress editor buttons. I knew some things on that list were not buttons, but I thought they should be added or WP Super Edit would probably explode like a Mythbusters excuse for pyrotechnics.

In case you missed it, “START – Advanced toolbar” and “END – Advanced toolbar” are not buttons. They are placeholders used for the super-secret (ctrl-alt-v alt-v ) feature of the Default WordPress Editor that shows extra buttons like underline, paste as text, clean up, headings / paragraphs, etc. A very cool Easter Egg.

Once they were added I started testing and hammering trying to catch more bugs when I noticed that you could place the “START – Advanced toolbar” and “END – Advanced toolbar” anywhere in WP Super Edit. This will hide all buttons between them. Of course you have to be careful since it does not like to split rows in half and will give you some nasty effects. If you place them in the same row, or place them so they don’t split a row in half you can get a nice effect like this:

Crazy Advanced Toolbar - Before

This is before you press the Advanced Toolbar button. I arranged my editor to hide everything from half of row 1 to the end of row 3.

Crazy Advanced Toolbar - After

This is after you press the Advanced Toolbar button. See the new rows. Beware though this can get weird looking if you try to split the button rows like placing “END – Advanced toolbar” in the middle of row 3. Trust me it’s not fun and smashes everything on the end of row 1 making it really long and unusable.

Of course I really don’t know what to think of it, and you can try it out by downloading the latest release.

16 responses to “WP Super Edit 1.1 – Updated with Interesting Feature / Bug”

  1. Hi,

    Luv the plugin. Just what I need. I am using WP mu, and it installs fine. The main thing I need it for is the custom classes. I created the editor.css file and the styles are appearing fine. But when I save the document it always strips my classes, leaving only the p tag. The same with the insert div tags. Any idea why it is removing the custom styles? Is it a WP mu issue? Any ideas?



  2. Rob,

    I haven’t gotten the chance to run tests on WPMU yet, and I’m glad to see that it does halfway work.

    To make sure that your DIV tags don’t get changed, you can activate the DIV / Layer plugin in WP Super Edit. It will set a callback that allows DIV tags. You also don’t have to use the buttons with that plugin.

    I thought I saw an issue in WordPress Trac about classes and IDs being stripped, but I don’t know if made it into the updated WPMU. I do think it made it into WordPress 2.2.2.

    I won’t be able to start testing this for another couple of weeks yet, so feel free to post any other bizarre issues. I’ve already started a short list of changes I need to make.

  3. Hi,

    I also tried it with the Div/layer plugin with the same results – will keep the div and p tags, but strips – class=”” and id=””. If you come up with anything let me know. Cheers


  4. Awesome job! Not only had a great first impression, but all I had to do to get a “next page” button was to add a [wp_page]section to superedit_builtin.php .

    So far, works as a charm in WP 2.2.2.

    Tried to give it the 5 stars it deserves, but the contest was over… Making paypal donations is cumbersome for ppl outside the US, but had no problems clicking on ads (without going wild, of course!) ;-)