WP Super Edit Plugin – 1.0b3

Just Need to note that is version is gone! You should check the new release!

I very quickly made an update today to make my plugin compatible with WordPress 2.1.

This is a fix for the new internationalization options available in WP 2.1. It was a pretty minor change, but it may cause some issues with folks that are using “WPLANG” to set the localization for your site.

For more information, please visit the WP Super Edit page.

11 responses to “WP Super Edit Plugin – 1.0b3”

  1. I installed 1.0b3 and activated it and went to the options page and found this error:

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/gyglgmo/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wpsuperedit/superedit.php on line 146

  2. Thanks Charlotte! I made a bad package for the update. The plugin and all files should reside in a folder called “superedit” and not “wpsuperedit”. So the ZIP file has been fixed.

    You may want to deactivate and remove the previous “wpsuperedit” folder from your site.

    I’ve also updated the version number as you noted.

  3. Hi Funroe,

    Thanks for making this Great Plugin, but I’ve got some problem.

    I am running on a WP2.0.7 and WP2.1.2 blogs, and I installed your super edit on both blogs….

    version 2.0.7 works just great but it shows nothing on 2.1.2
    what should be wrong in this case?

    I really hope it can works great under 2.1.2
    I didn’t upgrade the older version because I cannot find a good editor for the upgrade!!

    Thank you!!

  4. June,

    I sent you a message, but I thought I would post a reply here as well.

    I have noticed that during some upgrades to 2.1.2 that some users will find the visual editor turned off in their profile. You may want to check the Users > My Profile area in the Dashboard and make sure the visual editor option is checked.

  5. Hi Funroe.
    I have encountered following problem when installing WP Super Edit Plugin – 1.0b3.

    1) additional function like tables, css don’t work correctly when WP has install different language than English. when you move over the icon you have names like {$lag_table_desc} instead of buttons names

    2) when inserting large tables editor cut the table leaving only first row

    I have WO 2.1.3.


  6. Hi Funroe.
    It appeared that my problems which I worte above are not caused by WP Super Edit Plugin. It works fine on other sever.

    But what can be the reason of diplaying labels like {$lag_table_desc} instead of the names of buttons?

    Why when I insert a table it is cuted to only one row?

    I will appreciate any help.


  7. Hi Funroe,

    I enjoying your plugin on my 2.1.2…..but just upgraded to 2.1.3….and it’s gone even i have re-activated…..does it support to 2.1.3 or what is going wrong??

    Thanks a lot!!