Against Nature at Albert Pike in Arkansas

My friends finally got me to show up for the annual get together. This year we all spent a great weekend at the Albert Pike Recreation Area in the Ouchita National Forest located in south west Arkansas just north of Texarkana. Click the album image to the right for full set of photos, and I’m putting some instructions at the end of this so my peeps can select and download an archive of pictures.

Camping is an enjoyable way to relax and make a contribution to nature, like:

Help Further the Evolution of the Buzzard

Ryan made sure that at least two buzzards won’t be passing on the — slow to react gene. At least 10 of the stupid brids, probably the American Black Vulture, found that they were no match against a Dodge Ram 1500 doing about 70 mph. Whatever they were eating could not have been that good. Ryan will of course be visiting the body shop to repair the small buzzard head shaped dent above his window. Besides it left pretty wing-print on the windshield.

Survive in the Harsh Wilderness

So the wilderness is still there along with all the ticks, snakes, and raccoons. Amy has the best pictures of the raccoon. However the coons did cart off almost two pounds of sandwich meat, some marshmellows, and a couple Hershey bars, but no beer.

Beer does make wilderness survival easier because you can ignore the insect bites including ticks that are snacking on you.

See People from Your Forgotten Past

Only I would go to the middle of nowhere to a place where you have to drive 15 minutes to get cellphone reception and run into somebody I know. I saw Michelle Monday (maiden name), a roomate after college. I didn’t talk to her because of issues from the place where we worked in Monroe, but I survived that so I probably should have at least said “hi.”

Pictures for My Peeps

Okay, so I have all these photos online and I hope my fellow campers can get to them.

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