Caidy’s Birthday Fluer de Lis

Caidy's Birthday Fluer de Lis - 10
Caidy's Birthday Fluer de Lis – 10

This is my wife Caidy’s birthday present this year. She makes sure to remind me about once a week that I “should do more art”. See she knows that before the Web, even before the graphic design degree; I would draw and paint on just about anything. It’s so hard sometimes to make time for plain ole messy art, but it’s cool to have a friend to remind you and make you miss it.

It’s a fluer de lis completed in oil and mixed media on chiseled wood. The wood was an old solid piece with a slight warp that was laying behind my shed. I worked with it for about three weeks. Chiseled at it on the patio for three hours one day while Caidy was at work. Smuggled it back and forth to work along with my paint supply tackle box and other gear.  I’m lucky Caidy never went into the shed last week. She would have figured it out easily.

Here are some images of the process. They’re iphone pictures, so they may be a little funky:

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