Gustav in Tioga, Louisiana

Pop & Mojo Eating
Pop & Mojo Eating

We evacuated Houma this past Saturday and stayed in my parents’ house north of Alexandria, La in Tioga.

Of course, with our luck, Gustav hit this area either as a category 1 or darn close to it.

We’ve been without power since sunday night, but my parents’ scored the last good generator at a local hardware store.

We thought that the area didn’t have water, then we thought they busted the meter removing a downed tree, but it was a busted water line under my parents’ old trailer. It was a five minute fix. A hot shower after two stinky hard wet days was very welcome.

Mom & Pop's Generator
Mom & Pop

My wife Caidy used her mutant power of cuteness to acquire an extra 5 gallon gas can from a hardware store manager. He had it set aside for his son but we really needed it.

We are surviving fairly well. It’s the little things that would never be a problem that seem to become a real damn burden during times like these. We just got cell service, but no Internet since we have to make choices about what we can power. So, it’s the iphone for net access right now.

Tomorrow we travel to Houma to see if our house is okay.

Gustav Water Pipe Repairs
Gustav Water Pipe Repairs
Jess's Parents' Neighbor's Tree after Gustav

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