House Hack: Ugly Bathroom Sink

It was alive. Disgusting dirty job pictures follow, just so you know.

Okay, Caidy and I haven’t worked on the house in Houma as much yet. A little being busy, a little being lazy, and more of being both. We have started to to more, but the ugly parts of home ownership always have the jump on us.

The Bathroom Sink
The Bathroom Sink

So your sink doesn’t drain:

  1. Unscrew A. and B.
  2. Get a towel under A. and B. (this should be .1)
  3. Check the trap you just disconnected. Of course it’s clean!
  4. Hidden in the photo near C. is the drain plug leaver arm. Unscrew the cap and remove the arm. Now you can remove the already broken drain plug where some idiot before you snapped off the plug part because they didn’t know how to do this.

You get the drain apart and start poking around from the bottom and the top. In my case I used a straw. Then I resorted to a flatly wadded piece of toilet paper.

A nice even pressured push downward from the sink above using the straw produced an mutant animal that was probably years in the making. I forgot to mention that the sink has been a slow drainer before we moved in two years ago.

It Lived Under the Bathroom Sink
It Lived Under the Bathroom Sink

Just don’t forget to put the sink parts back together before you wash your hands. Then check for leaks.

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