iPhone Otterbox & 3GJuice Cable (or that’s a darn expensive annoying case)

I’ve had way too much excitement about computer cables lately. First it was the Firewire 400 to 800 adapter because our new MacBook doesn’t do Firewire 400. Now I’m giddy because I don’t have to go through the complicated process of removing my iPhone from it’s Otterbox case to dock with the stereo, car, etc.

I actually have a junky half working Kingston car charger with auxiliary audio jack that uses the same size iPod connector the 3GJuice “Finally There” Cable (Amazon) uses. Only that cable and the standard Apple sync cable will fit the 30 pin connector when the iPhone is in the Otterbox case.

It works for me since I’m pretty clumsy and I need to protect that expensive iPhone. The only problem is that this case solution has burned up almost $100 bucks of Christmas money.

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