Lundi Gras is Bacon

Lundi Gras is Bacon. Awesome first try with beef and bacon hickory smoke grilled burgers topped with bacon.

2 responses to “Lundi Gras is Bacon”

  1. Hey there1 Nice one, but I can feel the cholesterol clogging up my arteries just looking at it! :D
    Jokes apart, I wanted to say thanks for your WP Super Edit, I am desperately trying to find these Donate forms you mention… Will keep trying, though I am butt poor, I keep a couple of tenners in my PayPal account for just such eventualities: a worthwhile chap working in an underfunded Higher Education establishment and still finding the time to do stuff that makes the likes of me go … Woah! he’s soooooo clever!

    Yer’a great bloke!

    Toni, Bristol, UK

    (PS I am the grinning, fat old bint in the blue overalls, helping to burn brashings in the slideshow of our community volunteers conservation conservation day… do you know, we found an orchard in our neighbourhood’s green space nobody remember we had! LOL!)

    Best of the best to you and your wife!

  2. A very late reply as stay too busy! Need to make these again, but as you mentioned they cause almost immediate burger coma.

    Donate forms are halfway working in the black area on top of all the areas in

    At some point I need to do some design work here and remake my donate forms (paypal API ajax experiments) in to widgets.

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