Spiderman Vs. Garfield

My parents gave me two awesome gifts for Christmas this year. I think it would be a good fight. The lasagna tossing tabby against the amazing web slinger.

Spiderman LithographGarfield sericel - Resourceful

You can click on the images to see them larger if you want. To put things in perspective… Garfield sits over the TV for inspiration, and the Spiderman and Green Goblin print is huge.

Jess Vs. Spiderman

4 responses to “Spiderman Vs. Garfield”

  1. Hey jess,
    I don’t know if you check these but your birthday present is on the way to you. Also you should check dawn’s knitting site and the other sites that I’ve thrown up.


  2. Dude…. You don’t have a Dell…..



    I don’t feel so old!

    (And I be this makes Tommy feel like a ‘Spring Chicken’!

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