WP Super Edit 1.1.2

It’s only a couple of little things changed for this release.

The big deal for this release is an attempt to thwart WordPress plugins that put javascript in the WP Super Edit administration panel. Why does “UberWicked Whatsits Plugin” need to put 200 lines of JS into every stinking Dashboard panel?

I don’t know!

This update will cover some overzealous plugins, and the cleanup was done so I can move forward on WP Super Edit this Fall.

Visit the WP Super Edit project.

7 responses to “WP Super Edit 1.1.2”

  1. Monsters Editor 1.1 for WP Super Edit – bug fixed…

    Those ppl met errors in 1.0 or upgrade from 1.0, to save your time, please download config.php directly, and replace the previous one.

    Right, as a plugin for WP Super Edit, Monsters Editor (MsE) brings the magic of Fckeditor back to TinyMCE. So if you…

  2. Hi!

    Just love your plugin. Saves me a lot of time and fuss every time I set up a new WP. If I may suggest one improvement: add a class to the smilies that gets inserted. Like emoticon or wp-smiley so one may style the icons differently in the css.

    Keep up the good work on an excellent plugin.

  3. I love your plugin, but I’m having problems to activate it. I’m using wp 2.3.1 and it seems dosn’t work. You know why?

    (Sorry for my english)

  4. Hey

    A while back I got so fed up with the WP editor I decided to see what I could do about it … I put together a set of resources over at codex (gonna add you right now) …

    Reading over your stuff I thought I’d throw a simple RFE: a teenie plugin that would make CodeView default. Like I wrote in the forums, not to disable WYSIGYG, but to have it sitting in the background.
    There could be a few enhancements, but so many folk lose stuff or freak when they see their code when they toggle from WYSIWYG to Code … I think there’d be quick up-take.

    and best to you for ’08

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