Of Fame and Infamy

I’m too busy for the paparazzi, so it took a while for me to get copies of this stuff to put on line. Apparently I’ve gotten my own little brush with fame in the most perfect of circumstances.

Jess's Article in Nicholls Viola Magazine
Jess's Article in Nicholls Viola Magazine

First, I had a nice article in Voilá written about my work as the Nicholls State University Website Manager. It’s pretty flattering and very cool, so I was pretty surprised. (disclaimer: I work around the folks who produce this work, but avoided reading it for the last couple of months. I really didn’t want to have any pre-published opinion and was curious about the results since I was a complete geek-as-always during my interview and photo sessions ) I extracted my single page of awesome into a PDF you can read from here: Jess’s Article in Nicholls Viola Magazine (pdf)

Jess Planck planking on planks

About two weeks before that I also got my picture in the local paper for planking. Totally Caidy’s idea to tell me to get up on the planks in Home Depot and assume the planking position. I know it’s stupid, but whats worse is that the writers completely missed the point. It should have been written as “Jess Planck planking on planks.” What the hell happened to irony? It wasn’t plywood either! Know what pine planks smell like.

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